Happy New Year


Happy New Year !
By Greg Verhoef
1 st of April is an Accounting New Year for many. So why not celebrate your achievements,
put the past year behind and create some New Year Business Resolutions for the year
This year with my business I’m going to……..
 Work hard, engage the team and make sure everyone is having fun.
 Kick the tyres of our business plan and make sure it’s still fit for purpose
 Develop a new product or service and create a marketing strategy to take it to
 Review our marketing plan
 Get more help with my business, put together an advisory board to help make good
business decisions.
 Review our business strategy
 Check our processes and systems to see what can be automated, simplified or done
away with.
 Identify 6 new clients I’d like to win and set up some strategies to target them.
 Set some clear goals and expectations with the team and reward them if we achieve
great things.
 Set a budget for the year ahead and meet with the team to report against it
 Get some help to deal with those difficult issues I’ve been putting off.
 Find some cool new Xero add on’s to help my business operate efficently
Keep your Accountant happy:
This is also a great time to put together a file for your accountant. The sort of stuff to help
prepare your Financials and Tax returns. Things like stock and cash on hand, checking your accounts payable/receivable and asset ledgers for write offs. Details of new assets, finance agreements, loan statements, interest, dividend and donation receipts.

If your accountant has been actively using and checking Xero, many of the items previously done as year-end adjustments may have been dealt with as they happened. By keeping your accounts and financials up to date throughout the year, there should be no surprises, plus you have better information to base your decisions on during the year.


Minimum Wage Increase:
Just a reminder minimum wage went up 75c to $16.50 from the 1 st April. See
http://www.employment.govt.nz for more details.

I’m always keen to meet new business owners if you’d like to grab a coffee just give me a call.

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