The Basics of Business Governance (Part 2 – Boards That Deliver)

Join us for the second part of our two-part governance webinar mini series. Having a good understanding of governance is a great life skill. As a business director, it’s essential that you understand your role and how to accelerate your governance performance with a clear framework.

In this webinar you’ll:
• Dive deeper into the four pillars of governance
• Discover the key responsibilities, tasks and KPIs for the Director role
• Understand how to develop your Governance Framework Plan
• Learn how to develop your risk register to identify and mitigate risks
• Improve your business’s purpose, culture, accountability and compliance

The Basics of Business Governance (Part 1 – Governance in Action)

Join us for the first webinar of our two-part governance mini series.
This webinar, Governance in Action, will help you understand your role in governance, and learn how to implement governance best practice.

In this webinar you’ll:
• Discover what business governance is and why it’s so important.
• Understand the four pillars of governance.
• Identify the benefits good governance brings to all businesses.
• Recognise the difference between governing and managing.
• Learn to minimise risk and maximise efficiency in your business.
• Discover best practice governance planning and meeting rhythms.

Using Xero to Boost Your Business

With Xero, you can save time, reduce your stress levels, and get paid faster. You’ll gain valuable insight into how your business is performing and be able to project your cashflow, enabling you to make better informed decisions.

Nobody goes into business with the intention of doing paperwork. Long days are made even longer by manual data entry, chasing up receipts, reconciling bank accounts, and following up customers for payment. How much time would you save if all of this was automated?

In this webinar, Ramp Up Your Business with Xero, you’ll:
– Discover how you can achieve more financial, mind and time freedom.
– Understand the benefits of using Xero in your business.
– Learn how to get paid faster with less stress.
– Understand how Xero provides important insights into your business.
– Identify technology in the Xero ecosystem to support business operations.

The Three Essential Tools for Business Success

These three business tools are key tools to help you achieve business success. Build your business, achieve your goals, track your progress.

In this webinar you’ll:
– Discover the three most powerful tools for success and how to use them.
– Understand the power of 1%.
– Learn how you can best deal with inevitable change.
– Learn how these tools can generate more cash, more time, or less stress.
– Increase your confidence and motivation to take control of your business.

Create a Vision, Purpose and Values for Your Business

Vision, purpose and values are the base building blocks for a good business plan. Learn how to develop yours to either start, or strengthen, your business plan.

After attending this 40-minute webinar, you’ll:
• Develop a strong workplace culture.
• Create and work toward realising your vision statement.
• Articulate your ‘why’ to engage your team, customers, and prospects.
• Develop and utilise your Core Values for better decision making.
• Use your culture card to drive your business’s culture and maximise your results.