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Free Webinar – Your Personal Budgeting

As a business owner, it’s good practice to prepare a Personal Budget each year.  Instead of being confining, a Personal Budget should be liberating as you can spend guilt-free, knowing other money has been allocated to your expenses.  Think of it as a spending plan rather than a budget.

By knowing how you’ll spend and save money and setting personal finance goals, you’ll know exactly what your business needs to provide to you.

Join us on Monday 12th October at 12pm for our 60 minute complimentary webinar where you’ll:
– Learn how to gain control of your personal finances.
– Identify how to manage and reduce debt levels.
– Discover how to build better money habits.
– Reduce stress and have positive personal spending conversations.
– Understand how to set and achieve your wealth goals.

Plus, we’ll provide you with our complimentary Personal Budget template.

Register here for free!

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Changes to the Trusts Act

The new Trusts Act comes into force on the 30th January 2021.  This is the first major rewrite since the 1940’s.  There are a few changes and you should get advice about how this might affect your trust.

In a very quick summary…

  • Trusts can now have a 125 year life rather than the 80 years in the past. 
  • There are additional requirements for record keeping, including Financial Records.  They now have to be kept for the life of the Trust and one Trustee must be designated to hold all records and to make sure records are passed on to any new trustees.
  • Beneficiaries need to be advised as such and have basic information provided.  Beneficiaries can also request information and in certain situations Trustees can withhold information.
  • Trustees duties are clarified and split into mandatory and default, the later can be altered.